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Wireless Thermal Pocket Mini Printer Twotwoo™

Wireless Thermal Pocket Mini Printer Twotwoo™

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Introducing the Twotwoo™ Wireless Thermal Pocket Mini Printer - your go-to gadget for DIY projects and journaling. Print effortlessly with thermal technology and enjoy the convenience of adhesive stickers for easy application.

Turn your ideas into reality with the versatility and convenience of the Twotwoo™ Pocket Mini Printer. Simplify your creativity, wherever you are.



Absolutely ! If you have a smartphone capable of downloading apps from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), you can use the Twotwoo printer.


Shipping policy:

Enjoy swift and reliable shipping with Twotwoo-Wear. We dispatch your orders with care from our warehouse, ensuring secure and efficient delivery. Explore our selection today and experience the convenience of swift shipping right to your doorstep.

Return Policy:

In the absence of technical defects and quality problems of the product, our return policy lasts 30 days.

If you need to exchange it for the same item, please email us at


Printing only takes seconds

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Capture, print and share anytime, anywhere!

Discover an unprecedented printing experience with our revolutionary solution: instantly print your photos, documents and labels directly from your smartphone or tablet, without time constraints.

The mini printer for original photos 💡

A photo that you like (vacation memory, portrait, party) Twotwoo Printer prints it instantly from your phone or tablet.
All the photos you have can be printed in mini format and even as a sticker!

A top organization with Our Printer ✍️

Our Printer is also useful in your personal organization by allowing you to print labels of all kinds, lists, notes to have on hand, for example cooking recipes.

Effortless Printing: Instantly Transform Ideas into Reality!

The printer is particularly appreciated by students for making diagrams and reminders to stick on course sheets in order to better memorize.

Thermal technology and autonomy of 650 prints!

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, you will achieve impeccable results in the blink of an eye. Stand out from traditional printers with this revolutionary pocket printer.

An economical and ecological solution!

Forget expensive ink cartridges and discover an economical and environmentally friendly solution. Print with peace of mind with your ideal printing partner.


The printer works with specially designed paper that changes color when exposed to heat, allowing prints in shades of black and white.

The print head has multiple heating elements. These elements interact with specific sections of the paper as it slides through.

Paper replacement:

Replacing the paper in your Twotwoo printer is child's play (see above). You will find replacement rollers available for purchase on our site.

Paper life: The paper is designed so that each print lasts over time, at least 10 years. Each roll allows approximately 50 prints.
The dimensions of each roll are 5.5cm wide and 3.5m long.

Paper conservation: To ensure the best print quality and extend the life of your paper, it is recommended to store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Environmental impact : Our commitment to a greener future is at the heart of our values. That's why the Primty portable printer uses special paper that reduces the need for traditional ink cartridges, helping to reduce waste.