Frequently Asked Questions

**Where do you ship from?**
We mainly ship from our warehouse in the USA. However, depending on the product and manufacturer, we may outsource to provide you with the best possible price!

**Do you accept returns?**
Yes! Our return policy lasts 14 days in the absence of technical defects and quality problems with the product. Please note that our love bracelets work via the app we provide running in the background. There are limitations imposed by Android and Apple regarding privacy policies, which require our app to be open in the background for our bracelets to function correctly. If you wish to return the product due to this limitation, please be aware that there will be a 35% restocking fee, as this is beyond our control. If you wish to return the product due to limitations beyond our developers' control, you will be charged a restocking fee of 35-45%.

**How long is the shipping time?**
Shipping times vary from 10 to 14 business days depending on the product. We use UPS, USPS, FEDEX, and OnTrack to deliver our orders! (Our love bracelets currently average 12 to 15 business days for delivery due to demand!)


**Do you need Wifi?**
The bracelets need to be connected to a compatible smartphone, with either Wi-Fi or 4G connections to send and receive touches.

**Does the app need to be running in the background?**
Yes, the app needs to be running in the background. If you need help setting up your device, please contact us at info@twotwoo-wear.com.

**Will the bracelets work if they are far apart?**
Yes, as long as the bracelets are correctly set up within the app with either Wifi or mobile connection, you’ll be able to connect with each other. No matter what the distance between the two of you is.

**Can I connect with more than 1 person?**
Right now, the bracelets only work in pairs. But we are contemplating a family solution for the future.

Need help with installation? Visit our installation guide here: [Link to installation guide]